Inking App Usability Test 
by UX designer: Yina Smith-Danenhower
Last updated: March 21, 2020
20-50 mins sessions each | Jan 30-Feb 3, 2020
@ their workplace, home, and online
FRANKIE, 30 Architectural Designer
HYEYUN, 30, Architectural Designer
MATT, 28, Architectural Student
LANCE, 37, Architectural Designer
SAM, 34, Yoga and life coach
DANIEL, 36, Tattoo Artist
The discovery phase for INKING began in Nov, 2019 with competitive research and user interviews. We discovered that virtual previews of tattoo designs don't really help prevent users from regret. It is the control they have over the design process and the interaction they have with the artist that helped them build confidence and trust. The resulting prototype is an initial hypothesis on how we hope to solve the problem. Now, we would like to test the most important features and functionality for our primary personas Jeremy and Dave : Both feel tattoo carries deep personal meanings, they want to draw their own tattoos or be able to customize pre-loaded tattoos. The app provides an opportunity for them to sketch, as well as upload their sketches to easily share and chat with an artist through the app's filter search function.​​​​​​​
● Access the learnability of the app to new users and artists. We would like to observe and measure the length of time to access three important features, and the number of errors they make in the process.
● Access the memorability of the app: one more test will be done to ask the same participants to perform the same tasks at a later time to compare the success rate and average time on task.
3 out of the 6 usability tests are conducted in-person, either in participant’s workplace or my home. The other 3 are conducted remote via GoToMeeting and Skype. The test included a short briefing, a general task and 3 specific tasks using INKING.
Test Objectives
● On-boarding
     ● Is the tutorial helpful for new users in completing tasks later?
● Sign-in/ Sign-up
     ● Do users and artists sign up for the right account type (user for user account, artist for artist account)?
     ● How easy is it for users and artists to sign up /sign in?
● Search and filter artists
     ● Is the filters provided helpful in finding the artists they want efficiently?
     ● Are there filters that should be added?
     ● Do users know that they can type artist’s name directly in the search box?
● Book artists
     ● Do users know they can book the artist directly on the artist page?
● Create own designs
     ● Do users know they can sketch their own designs and share with the artist?
● Communicate with artist
     ● Do users know how to message and send images to the artist?​​​​​​​
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