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Tattool uses mostly colloquial language such as “That’s awesome!” or “Sweet!” or “What’s up?” Tattool has a cool, young, and urban personality that most users connect with. Tattool’s mascot - a skeleton that jumps out at each screen or give users instructions - might look a little scary at first but he always smiles and he’s very friendly!
Active Icons
Muted Icons
Social Media Icons
Message and Profile Icons
Navigation Icons
Search Bar Icons
TATTOOL uses a responsive grid system: columns resize according to pre-determinded break-point in response to different screen sizes.

For mobile: 
12-column grid
Column width: 19
Gutter width: 10
Margins: 18
Tattoo work samples posted by artists should be in color (unless the artwork is black-and-white), with clear focus, capture the entire tattoo artwork, and with sufficient lighting. TATTOOL will reserve the right to adjust/ edit the image submitted by artists to make sure it has enough contrast, exposure, and focus. 
Tattoo Images
Tattoo images will be displayed in angular frames.
User Saved & Uploaded Images
Users saved and uploaded images will be displayed with rounded corners.
Users can opt to upload a photo of theirs as their profile picture, Itheir photo will be chopped into a circular shape. Otherwise the profile image will default to a golden poppy icon for users, and a sapphire icon for artists.
TATTOOL’s voice is cool, young, and urban. As Tattool targets seasoned tattoo lovers and artists, we want to talk in their language, and show that we know a thing or two about tattoo just as they do, and can help them get the best tattoo of their dreams.
TATTOOL’s tone is professional and knowledgeable, but avoid sounding snobbish. Because the language we use is often cool, young, and urban, we should avoid using professional jargons. Instead, speak with clarity in plain English.
User should feel be able to trust TATTOOL’s recommendations of artists and tattoos based on the sketches they’ve uploaded and their current location. Users should feel at liberty to customise artists’ tattoo to his/her liking and collaborate with the artist. We have to make it very clear before they customise that they need to get artist’s permission. The customisation will be based on a simple drag-and-drop technology.
Things like saving, deleting, swiping, re-organizing and any other common reusable animations should be included.
Animation should give a sense of dynamic, youthful energy.It should come in and out with fast acceleration.
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