Analytics Dashboard
One of our client is an aggregator that provides operational services to thousands of small and medium businesses, including websites, reviews, and chatbots, where XAPP AI comes in. We've been using a big google spreadsheet to manage our QA process, which includes tracking new subscriptions, applications that are submitted for review, applications that are in review, and application that are approved for installation, and finally applications that are installed and live. The spreadsheet solution works for a while, but overtime it becomes cumbersome and confusing. We then added this dashboard as a feature to help our client manage their thousands of customers in a breeze. 
The Original Brief
The original brief was actually just to have an easier way for the client to come on our website and once logged in,  immediately see applications that are ready for install, grab the snippet for installation right there instead of going into the application. But upon initial sketches, I decided that adding additional status would make the review process even faster and smoother. 
I immediate felt that this overview page is a bit overwhelming, and it is easy for a client to mis-pick the wrong installation snippet because they are so close together. I tried another way to allow access to the installation snippet by using an icon instead of the actual snippet. By rearranging the status menu and the pie chart, I was able to create a less overwhelming dashboard with an installation snippet icon.
Then, I went on to come up with what each status would look like. 
After using it for a few weeks, I noticed that a notes column would be immensely helpful, since a lot of customers' website are under construction, and that was why it cannot be ready for installation yet. It'll be great to communicate the status of each app right on the dashboard. My boss also requested a filter to sort last modified dates. Lastly, instead of using a scroll bar, I added a pagination so users can select how many items per page they want to view, and view page by page. The scroll bar would have slowed performance, making the experience subpar.
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