I am a public speaker.
I speak to establish my career and get my ideas out in the world; I speak to be challenged; I speak to learn from others and discover new ideas through deep discussions; I speak to establish thought leadership in my industry; I speak to be able to communicate with others and present myself confidently; I speak to get hired, and I speak to share what I've learned the hard way.
I came from an unusual and diverse background - a choreographer, architectural designer, and a UX designer in my previous careers. Because of my background, I speak about career change and relationships between seemingly completely different disciplines. I currently work as a Conversational Designer and is exploring speaking on design processes and best practices in Conversational Design in the future. 

Get in touch if you are interested in any of these topic and want to book me for your next speaking event.
Past Talks:
Inclusive Product Week
May 19, 2021. Wednesday, 6 pm PST (Virtual)

Out of Architecture Webinar 
July 28, 2021. Wednesday, 12pm EST

July 29, 2021. Thursday, 12pm EST

UXPA Boston 2021
September 24, 2021. Friday, 11:15am EST 

Women in Voice Summit 2022
May 24, 2022. Tuesday, 10am-11am EST
Upcoming Talks:
Booking Requirements
Code of Conduct
I will not speak at any conference that does not have a well-adhered code of conduct.

Travel & Lodging
If the event requires travel, I will only consider speaking if travel & lodging is covered.

A presentation takes 30-40 hours of designing, editing, and practicing. I will speak for non-profit organizations for free, however, for-profit organizations should pay their speakers, especially when they are charging for the event, even if it is a small amount to show appreciation. 
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