Mei Fu Residential Development
flour plan studies

Handel Architects, Fall 2o18
Our client, Mei Fu, asked us to do a study for them so that they can present to the landowners in order to get the land. The goal is to create a luxury residence in one of the most highly respected neighbourhoods in Taipei. We focused on the term "luxury," both in terms of the actual amenities in the residence, and in term of how it is visually perceived from the outside to evoke the idea of "luxury." Oversized, clear glazing are used for each unit, eliciting a sense of sole ownership to each unit. Generous amenities are offered at the ground level, exclusively to residents. 
I was responsible for drawing the typical and ground floor plans, one of the most important part in figuring out circulation and therefore experiences within the units.

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Rendering by third party contractor

Typical Floor Plan - 2 units

Ground plan - clubhouse facilities

Rendering by third party contractor

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