Longfor Xi'an Paradise Walk
negotiating constraints in design
LWK & Partners, 2017-18
Facade schematic design, facade design development and optimization
The XI’an Paradise Walk project is to be the largest retail project to-date in Xi’an, China. The client, Longfor Properties, had a clear budget in mind as well as high aesthetic standards. Initial sketches of two ideas emerged:one curvilinear option and one rectilinear option. We then further developed the curvilinear option with inspirations from traditional Xi’an ribbon dance. The ripples of ribbons also symbolizes the history of XI’an as part of the silk road. We wanted to make the facade look free and energetic, which is the direct effect of the curves that we drew and designed. After the initial designs, the clients loved the design but the project was severely over-budget. To meet the clients budget, our team worked closely with the facade consultant as well as a grasshopper definition, turning each panel of the facade from double-curved to single-curved and flat panels, cutting the cost by $800,000 for the client  in two weeks, while achieving the design intent.

My Hand Sketches

The focus is on the south and east facades, which face the major streets and intersections that bring commercial activities. The ribbons at the southeast main entrance open up and welcome visitors.
Curvilinear Study
(Rendering by me)
Working with the Shenzhen office, we created the logic for the facade in close relationship to the plan: The ribbon tears open for programs that require daylight / commercial visibility, and merges to disguise mechanical and egress areas.
Rendering Studies on Relationship between Ribbon Facade and Programs behind
(Rendering by me)
Southeast Corner
(Rendering by third-party contractor)
Grasshopper Optimization

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