Longfor Xiamen Paradise Walk
Designing an entrance piece
LWK & Partners, 2017-18
Schematic design, facade design development
Status: Under Construction
These detailed 3D models were created to show the client how the building interior connects and transitions to its exterior facade as a system. The connection incorporates built-in flower planters for added green features on the balconies.
Entrance Pavilion (Lead Designer)

The entrance pavilion is the centerpiece of the Longfor Xiamen Paradise Walk project. It will be the very first thing that people see when they approach the mall, whether on foot or by car. I was tasked to design the pavilion, with considerations of two different circulations for pedestrians and vehicles. Taking the form of a “herron,” the city bird of Xiamen, I abstracted its form into overlapping feathers, and brought it to life with some carefully designed trim details.
Pavilion as Entrance Piece
(Rendering by third-party contractor)

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