Health Insurance Virtual Assistant 
Persona Design
One of the biggest difference between designing for conversations and other products is that conversations need a personality. Human assign a personality to a voice or a bot nonetheless, so Instead of leaving it to interpretation, it is best practice to design it before writing or designing any dialogues. A system persona is similar to any personas that designers might do as part of their research of a product. Yet, what system persona does more, is that it represents the brand - its language, tone, word choice - all of these define the brand. Therefore, before designing anything for a health insurance company client, a persona was defined. I started by studying and examining the client company's mission statement, to make sure any personality we came up matches with the goal of their brand. Their mission statement below:

From there, I came up with a list of adjectives for this "person".

Community focused
Trusted source
Willing to learn

Furthermore, we defined the virtual assistant as a knowledgable friend. 
The virtual assisstant is the knowledgeable and trusted friend for the health insurance company. She works hard to listen and understand the questions people have about their healthcare coverage so that she can accurately respond and provide helpful information. She responds in a professional manner with a caring tone using familiar and clear language that is easy to understand, never using industry jargon that might be confusing. She takes pleasure in assisting others because she knows that any question about healthcare coverage is personal and important.

From then on, we started to write dialogues of what the virtual assistant will say in her welcome message:
Hi, I’m the IVA.  I’m the newest member of the team and I’m here to help you with your health and well-being.  I’ll try my best to answer your questions, but if I can’t I’ll connect you with a team member who can. 
I can help with things like:
- Checking plan coverage
- Finding a provider
- Reviewing claim status
You can also learn more about me by saying IVA at anytime. How can I help?
Chips:      Am I Covered   |   Find a Provider   |   Claim Status   |   ID Card   |   Password Reset   |   Symptom Checker
Example of Current Welcome Message
An enabler of this project, the chat widget design was developed during early 2021. The chat widget is customizable to our clients' brand color, including widget length, width, font, chat bubble colors, border, border color, and more. The chat widget design is a huge contributor to this project's success.
There are 5 main flow that we designed for the client company: Am I Covered, Find a Provider, Claim Status, ID Card, and Reset Password. We determined these 5 flows by using a set of data of most inquired topics provided by the client's customer service department. 
Am I covered
Claim Status
Find a Provider
Reset Password
ID Card
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