Conversational Search Bar
More and more companies are adopting conversational AI as part of their customer service. At first, it might seem intimidating, not knowing how chatbot functions, what their capabilities are, and whether it is worth for company investments. This is especially true with small to medium businesses (SMB). In order to lower the barrier for entry for these clients, XAPP AI created a conversational search bar. A search bar that functions like any other search bar on many websites, helping customer navigate and find information on their sites. While most website search bar perform poorly, our search bar provides a one-of-a-kind user experience with more accurate results using Amazon-backed Kendra support and natural language search. 
Low-Fidelity Sketches
1st Round Sketches
Initial feedback is that this design still looks very much like a chatbot, this defects the purpose of having a conversational search bar. 
2nd Round Sketches
In the second iteration, I subdivided the search dialogue in 3 part, the left 2 parts are used for suggestions like possible actions, FAQs, and other suggestions. The right column is then used for chat exchanges in transactional use cases, and as a preview window for selected FAQs. 
3rd Round Sketches
For the third iteration, I maintained the 2 column design at first when users are searching, with suggested actions and matched FAQs, and their preview on the right. Once the user hit one of the suggested actions though, the search box becomes top and bottom divided, with the top for dialogue exchanges, and the bottom portion remains to be FAQs and their preview if the user changed their mind or clicked the action by mistake. Once an exchanged happened, the FAQ will disappear from the bottom because we assume that the user has now committed to having a conversation with the system.
Mid-Fidelity Prototype
High-Fidelity Prototype
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