I am an "archietechie" - 
an architectural designer turned tech lady.
Hi, my name is Yina. 

A Choreographer, architectural designer, and UX designer and now Head of Product Design, I am a driven and passionate designer, striving to make a bigger impact everyday. With a can-do-ness in everything I do, and an unstoppable passion and urge for learning, I bring multiple perspectives from my diverse experience to make an impact anywhere I go.
Currently, I am Head of Product Design at XAPP AI. XAPP AI provides conversational AI customer self-service and business productivity solutions for large and medium sized businesses. XAPP AI is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Provider (ISV), part of the AWS Contact Center Intelligence program and was awarded the AWS Applied AI and Machine Learning Competency. I am the product owner for XAPP AI’s proprietary Optimal Conversation™ Framework, which is a data driven approach to creating the Optimal Conversation for a use case based on a company’s business objectives and technology constraints. I have led conversation design on solutions for multiple Fortune 100 customers at XAPP AI.
My Values
Embrace your craziness
I learned this phrase from Steven Gate's podcast. Everyone is unique - only you can do what you do, the way you do it. Do not be afraid of breaking conventions; do not be afraid of to think outside the box; accept constructive criticism but do not be afraid to speak up and fight for what you think is right.

Happiness is complicated
You often hear people say, "passion is everything." Well, as a veteran of both dance and architecture, I can attest that it was not enough to be just doing what you love if that means you are not taking care of yourself; if that one area of happiness is killing many other areas of happiness. I love being creative. If I can be creative, and support myself, and at the same time make an impact in the world, I'll be the happiest.

Be humble, but also confident
There are always people better than you, but that does not mean that you suck. Always strive to be better, and always learn like a sponge anywhere you go. Work on building your confidence your whole life.

Yina is an outstanding designer and employee. Her work is clear, clean and elegant. She takes direction, solves unforeseen problems and exceeds expectations with little input. She welcomes feedback and is fun to be around!
- Chief Revenue Officer, XAPP AI

I had the pleasure of working closely with Yina on many large-scale and complex engagements and found myself delighted and impressed every single time. Her ability to solve extremely complex problems and her enormous aptitude to learn new skills while taking on additional challenges was unparalleled. Whether she was leading the conversational design for a global brand or, pouring herself into the development of our organizational SaaS products, I knew the thinking would be detailed and the result thorough. Coupled with her professional talent Yina is a wonderful person and caring team member who continually looks for ways to add value for everyone around her.
- Head of Digital Strategy, XAPP AI

I enjoyed having Yina as a student at CareerFoundry during UI for UX Designer Specialization. She was pleasant to interact with and she has exceptional attention to detail. Yina has a great eye for graphic design and UI aesthetics. She did a really good job creating user interface interactions and style/branding guidelines. I would highly recommend Yina for a UX/UI position.
- Content Writer, UXBeginner.com

Yina was a student of mine. Yina has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the UX design process and how research can inform her designs. Yina is a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in architecture and choreography, which makes her unique. I recommend her for a UX designer position.
- Design Research Lead, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Yina was a flexible team player and knew how to change directions in response to changing priorities. She is also an excellent writer, she was a great help in creating our design narratives that we used in publications online and in print. When the HKAIA chamber asked our office to help, Yina was the first person who volunteered herself to help the professional community despite also teaching part-time at SCAD (HK) (and working full-time at Handel). I was very proud of her and impressed by her work and life management. Yina is a versatile design member. She is eager to learn and a great team player, I foresee her success in the near future with your lead.
- Director, Handel Architects, Hong Kong

I was consistently impressed by Yina's attitude and productivity during her time at LWK. She was a motivated and responsible person. She took the initiative to identify issues and to place attention to details. This was particularly evident during Yina's involvement in the design and delivery of Paradise Walk in Xian, where she oversaw the setting out and modelling of a very complex retail facade. She had demonstrated her ability to take on challenging tasks under stringent delivery schedule, and still position herself calmly and professionally. Yina has great interest in Sustainability and Green Designs. She proactively volunteered to contribute her knowledge in this area across the department. I would recommend Yina without reservation. I am confident that she will devote herself to a position within your organization with a high degree of diligence. She will be a positive addition to your company.
- Director, LWK & Partners

She was there for the CRLS visit and two BAA visits. No complaints. And she has great ideas. I enjoyed brainstorming and analyzing with her. She was good at illuminating things I hadn't seen. She was good at pushing me to consider other views. Speaks up when she has a medium- to strong- opinion or question. I find this particularly impressive when she is doing this even in the presence of someone else dominating the conversation. Keeps the group moving and contributes well to the deliverables (i.e. she will start filling in a google doc as we are talking, asks folks to focus when we get off track so we don’t have to meet outside of class) Very supportive of the whole team and willing to offer support to even fields outside of comfort zone. Brings people together, strong outside voice, cool rationality.
- Teammate, Innovator's Practice at Harvard John A. Paul School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

"It was a pleasure to work with Yina during her internship at Perkins Eastman in the summer of 2013. She was very helpful in existing site analysis and design diagram studies for one of our large-scale master planning project. Yina was pleasant, friendly, a team player and eager to learn. She paid careful attention to instructions, asked questions to make sure she understood what was required of her and met her assigned tasks in timely manner. I look forward to working with her again in the future…."
- CEO, Pacific Xanh
"Yina spent the summer as an intern at Perkins Eastman. Toward the end of the summer, I had the good fortune to work with Yina for several weeks on a conceptual design proposal effort for a tennis and squash facility at an Ivy League institution. I cannot recommend Yina highly enough. In simple terms she "gets it." And when she graduates, I hope that she will continue her career right here at PE."
- Retired Principal, Perkins Eastman

"Yina was invaluable in many of the studio's projects in new media. She took on the challenge of building a new web site on the Wordpress Platform, and it was a wonderful accomplishment for her (and me). She is clever and creative, and has a way of figuring things out."
- Former-CEO, MTV-VH1

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